Status of Flock Health : Desired levels of egg production, high internal and shell quality of hatching eggs, optimum hatchability, and quality chicks can not be achieved when there are problems with health in the breeders.

All diseases in breeders adversely affect performance, but some affect egg production and quality more severely

» Diseases including infectious bronchitis, NewCastle, Mareks, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, etc. should be routinely monitored for, controlled when present with vaccines and/or antibiotics, or eliminated/ prevented through biosecurity measures.
» Monitoring and controling for less common diseases such as infectious laryngotracheitis, egg drop syndrome, and coryza required.
» Gastrointestinal diseases, when present, not only adversely affect egg production, but also cause diarrhea.
» Eggs produced will be contaminated with feces due to wet floor litter and nest box bedding, and dirty cloacas.

Any deficiencies at this stage will adversely affect production performance.